Monday, July 06, 2009

Meet Olivia!

One chapter ends another begins and they all flow together to form the story of us.

I put down the last of my own dogs down a couple months ago. His name was Gunner. He was 17 years old. I bought him in 1992. Long before a husband and children were even mere specks of thoughts in my head.

Mesa had come along about the last year of Gunner's life. She'd never been without a companion. After Gunner died, she was somewhat out of sorts at being left alone. Dale and I decided to consider getting her a pal to play with again.

We kicked around some ideas on what might work for us. But mostly what wouldn't - sheds too much, nice for cuddling but too small for Mesa to play with, a puppy vs. older dog, etc. etc.

While we were busy making indefinite plans, the couple who sold Mesa to us had contacted us about a Neapolitan Mastiff/Great Dane mix who was only 1 old and already on her 4th home. Who'd have thunk as a puppy that a Neapolitan/Great Dane mix would get TOO BIG?? doh! So, as she outgrew homes and owners, she eventually made her way to us.

I'd already had an English Mastiff/St. Bernard cross years ago. All 225 lbs. of him. So I gingerly brought up the idea to Dale of adding a canine pony to the family. I think I'd finally worn him down - he's looking to downsize the animal population around here, but has a wife who'd take them all if she could.

He agreed to go see her, and we'd decide after we saw how she got along with our kids and Mesa. Well she was a pathetic site. Having been starved at her last home. Not a problem, we know how to feed 'em here. She was a little aloof and confused not knowing who or what else was in store for her. But we decided to take her as she was gentle with the kids and unconcerned about Mesa too.

Anyway, here she is. She's settling in fine - less of an adjustment for her than for us. While completely enamored at the idea of having such a unique, ginormous dog around, one thing that isn't pointed out in detail in the hopeful honeymoon phase, is the amount of DROOL they produce. Seriously. You have no idea until you've seen it in person.

Good thing she's such a pretty girl, because her personal hygiene habits leave a lot to be desired. :)

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