Friday, January 01, 2010

High, low and in-between

That pretty well describes our lives the last few months.

We've moved back to Texas and have settled in, though we are missing "The Big Empty" of northeastern, NM.

You never know what life holds, but God is with you. And what He put on my heart long ago is a love and need for the beauty of His Creation. We may not be exactly where we want to be, don't know why He put us back in Texas. What He has given me here reminds me that He never leaves me. Walking out my door and seeing what was laid out before me everyday in the pictures of New Mexico I've posted here before, is the same beautiful creation He's laid out for me here. A glorious view of His work in the high country and range lands. He wants us to have faith in things we cannot see, and yet He still knows what I need here and gives me a tangible gift every day reminding me of His presence.