Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our discriminating carnivore.

Not long after we moved here we had an unfortunate late-night meeting with a thieving undesirable. That coupled with the fact that my husband has "never met a stranger" put fates together that night.

Needless to say we started looking for an intimidating gate-greeter, and found her. She's a Bullmastiff/Great Pyrenese mix we purchased from a Cane Corso breeder who does rescue on the side. She's just what we'd hoped, was easy to train, is highly protective, not intimidated, loves "her" people and is our steadfast guardian. Call before you drop in. :)

We also have oodles and oodles of fearless bears out here, a few mountain lions. We had hoped she'd make a good bear-protection dog, but that isn't her forte'. I'm pretty sure she'd offer me up as a sacrifice so she could get a good headstart for home if we ever crossed paths with one.