Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home's Cool!

After year-long consideration and nearly as much research on the subject, we've decided to homeschool our children.

There are many reasons for this. The most important reason is because God gave us these children to raise and no one can love them and bring them along like we can.

The other considerations: we're not crazy about the public school system in our area or our state. In general the school system simply can't meet everyone's needs and both the best and the brightest and the could-be-better-and-brighter both suffer for it. There is potential in everyone and the entire group is shorted when the bar isn't set high enough or not everyone gets the help they need to reach it.

Socialization can be a 4-letter word. We have raised our children with manners, values and compassion. They do not have the skills at this age to discern and handle the kind of people they need to both surround themselves with and separate themselves from.

Understanding and reaching educational goals with a heart and mind on their long-term academic future is important to us. Having the freedom to be able to teach them through various curriculum as per their talents and needs and having more time to do that one-on-one in the home is going to benefit them like no overwhelmed and unfocused school system can.

Proverbs 4:1-17
GOD - In this house we serve and honor the Lord and will bring our children up as He wants us to with the wisdom He's given us.

I won't surrender my children to this world. I will equip them to live in it.

Seasons and things anew!

Winter is turning loose of us here. Not that we had much of a winter between 08 and 09. The wind was our winter this year and since it's impossible to escape the wind in NM, we're happy to see it rise to a comfortable degree.

Earlier this Spring a friend of ours found our daughter a pony. We'd been through a couple of horses for her this past year and had all but about given up on that idea for now. Then came Lilly. Miss Lilly if addressing her formally. Will be posting pictures of her soon.