Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our discriminating carnivore.

Not long after we moved here we had an unfortunate late-night meeting with a thieving undesirable. That coupled with the fact that my husband has "never met a stranger" put fates together that night.

Needless to say we started looking for an intimidating gate-greeter, and found her. She's a Bullmastiff/Great Pyrenese mix we purchased from a Cane Corso breeder who does rescue on the side. She's just what we'd hoped, was easy to train, is highly protective, not intimidated, loves "her" people and is our steadfast guardian. Call before you drop in. :)

We also have oodles and oodles of fearless bears out here, a few mountain lions. We had hoped she'd make a good bear-protection dog, but that isn't her forte'. I'm pretty sure she'd offer me up as a sacrifice so she could get a good headstart for home if we ever crossed paths with one.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Kidlets

We're "late life" parents. Had my daughter at 37, my son at 38. It's not actually 'having' the kids later in life that's difficult, I mean really....I was well-medicated during the 'having' part. It's going through toddler-hood completely unmedicated that's rough on a gal. :)

But reality is that God is good and blessed us with two beautiful and very easy-going kids. Jayden is wise beyond her years and Jace is our comic relief. He is SOOOOO gonna hate me when I create his own page here. He has no shame, anything for a laugh and I have the pictures to prove it. Should be good fodder to show all his girlfriends someday.

Halloween 2007

December 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Our "Rides"

Boon A Little
with Bill Freeman aboard
It was supposed to be real easy. We had a real simple plan. I'd get back into competition and so would Dale. the last 4 years we've bought, traded, lost, bought, gave-away, bought again, sold again, retired, found again and are selling again (which means I get to buy again) a number of performance prospects over the last couple of years searching for the right one(s). And besides, a girl's got to have two horses to haul with. According to my daughter, one to wear pink, the other to wear purple.

Dale left the cutting pen for a number of years in order to finish his Masters degree and eventually be reinstated as a non-pro. Finally after spending four years working with my barrel horses he finally found "THE" new cutting prospect he'd been waiting for. A young gelding by Boon A Little (140k NCHA) and out of Peppy Docs Mimosa (100k NCHA). Good works do pay off! He was finally and justly rewarded for having a wife who barrel races - and especially having to help train her mares. ('nuff said on both counts).

Peppy Docs Boon - AKA "Smokey"
Boon A Little x Peppy Docs Mimosa

The long-awaited, much-anticipated and well-earned WUNDERPFERD.

I don't know about the barn name though. Our daughter named him. And well, she's 3. Maybe it was all those early-morning father/daughter Gunsmoke-watching bottle-feedings in her infanthood making an impression on her. Dale likes it a whole lot better than her first choice, "Cherry". Smokey is 2, won't be futuritied so he gets to be a fat pasture colt until early 2008, where he'll be going to Josh Armstrong, then he'll be started and on his way to a career in cutting.

Georgia Dash - AKA "Gator"
Sour Mash Dash x Sunny's Little Cuss

(And believe you me, she comes by "Gator" honestly). Denise's up and coming "go fast" horse. 2 yr. old granddaughter of First Down Dash. She's also got Easy Jet, Custus Rastus, Chickarun and Go Man Go. She's a bit of a...well, she's a snot. But she's intelligent, athletic and FAST. She's the sweetheart of the barn - even though Dale accuses her of having a "malicous and larcenous heart" he'll still refer to her as "Precious". I write that here because he would call me a liar if I told that in public. :)

A Drift Of Roan - AKA "Salty"
Ortiz Star x Driftwoods Poco

Our newest addition! 4 yr. old mare, 16 hands. Orphan Drift, Two Eyed Jack, Leo, Clabber Bar, and Poco Bueno. Solid, hard-knocking, rodeo, roping and ranch lines. You can't ignore "want to" and she's got it in spades. She's just started her slow pattern work, but she's got the "can mortally fly" part down pat. Powerful and talented horse, wicked fast. She was being held back by her breeder/owner to be her replacement pro-rodeo horse, but she decided she's got too many to get out from under and sell before she can get back on the rodeo road, so rather than make the mare wait much longer, she decided to let her go to a competitive home. She'll also be trained to rope.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

We love it here in northeastern New Mexico. Where ranches and ranching are becoming endangered species elsewhere, it's nice to see cowboys horseback and cattle moving any day of the year again. The grass is tall and the water plentiful. I guess most people only see New Mexico from the interstate - that's why the rest of it is still a well-kept secret. We live at 7,000 ft., with really mild year-round temperatures. Mid-80's in summer, 50's in winter and very little snow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Welcome from The Parker Clan and Rafter P Performance Horses of northeastern, New Mexico - where the Grasslands meet the Rockies.
God's Country!